*** Print to most network printers! ***

Apple gave iOS 4.2 printing. But they forgot that not everyone has one of 8 printers. With TruPrint, you can print to most network printers! Simply install, and use Apple's built-in print menu. New printers will now show up thanks to TruPrint!
TruPrint is simple. Use the build in Print menu that's available in Safari, Mail, Photo and more and print Emails, Web Pages, Word Docs, PDF's, Excel Spreadsheets, and more directly from your iDevice to your networked printer.

  • Auto-Discover your printer!
  • Print to most network printers (including many Canon, HP, Brother, Lexmark, and Epson wifi printers)!
  • PDF 'Printer' - Print a webpage/email/document to PDF and email it!
  • Color/BW support for most printers
  • Great CUPS support (CUPS is opensourced Printing Software owned by Apple)

    Requires iOS 4.2+. Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touches! View TruPrint Ad (via YouTube)
    3-Day Free Trial via Jailbreak your iPhone and install via Cydia!
    1. Auto Discover Printers! No hassle setup. Just install!
    2. Advanced Management Use's CUPS - you can even add printers via IP/URL!
    Price: $9.99
    How To Install: Jailbreak your iDevice and purchase/install via Cydia. Click Here for details.