*** Stay up-to-date on Emails! ***

Whether you''re surfing, reading text messages, or playing a game, you can get a quick email alert so you don''t have to stop what you''re doing just to find out you got an unimportant email. Now you can know who it''s from, the subject, and a brief summary - all without leaving the app you''re in!


- Quick summary of new emails
- Show full summary of email in QuickView by pressing
- Can Mark Read/Unread and Delete from QuickView
- Can move the window to a new location by sliding the window
- Self dismissal or you can check the X to close the summary
- Launch Mail directly from the Elert
Elert uses ViewThrough Patent Pending Technology for alerting users of new events and information.

  1. Email Notifications See a summary of your email in whatever app your in. Now you don't have to close down what your doing!
  2. Full Preview You can tap on the email to view the entire email (QuickView).
Price: $1.99
How To Install: Jailbreak your iDevice and purchase/install via Cydia. Click Here for details.